Exploring one of Australia’s Final Frontiers now more accessible

Lorella Springs Wilderness Park is one Million Acres of Coast on the Gulf of Carpentaria on the Savannah Way, Northern Territory. The owners of 28 years, the Walkers, have now forged a track to probably the most remote piece of coastline in Australia.
The track to the river mouth is quite accessible for 4x4s with camper trailers and boat trailers, with plans to improve access for adventurous caravans as well. To find out more about the improved access and news at Lorella click here to their online newsletter.

Mouth at Lorella
Lorella Springs Wilderness Park boasts some of the best 4WD driving in Australia, (whether you are newby, “Mum and Dad” 4 Wheel Driver – or a vastly experienced “I like a 4WD driving challenge” expert ).
Other activities include fantastic fishing, exploring natural springs, caves, waterfalls, bird filled lakes, miles of untouched coastline, wildlife, bushwalking and swimming to name a few.
With over 50% of the visitors to Lorella being repeat guests you just know that a visit to the park is one that you want to keep coming back for!
4WD Adventurers: There are hundreds of kilometres of tracks of all grades to satisfy everyone. Some that were originally extreme are now quite easy for beginners.
Keen Fishermen: Whether from a boat or off the banks there are plenty of fish bitting; some of the best fishing in Australia.
Birdwatchers: The property has 134 species on their list and growing every year. Because they are so remote and untouched, perhaps you may even find a new undiscovered species.
Families: Plenty of low cost adventures to amuse the whole family. Whether you are 8 months or 80 years … there is lots of fun and adventure for everyone.
Photographers: Some of the best and most interesting scenery and wildlife in Australia.

Check out their latest video! It’s only a few minutes long so grab yourself a cuppa, sit down, relax and enjoy the clip “Welcome to Lorella”


Best Adventure Hub-Kununurra WA

Its not just Savannah Way Ltd that thinks this region is spectacular; “Outside Magazine chooses the top vacation spots of 2013”

This leafy green outpost (pop. 4,600) in Western Australia’s Kimberly Region has just a few hotels, one sports tavern, and a handful of restaurants. In other words, you come for the surroundings: a remote landscape 10 times the size of Switzerland that has 250-million-year-old red rock, ancient pictographs, the bizarre beehive-shaped Bungle Bungle Mountains in Purnululu National Park, and a Delaware-size reserve (Camden Sound Marine Park) off the coast to protect the largest humpback whale calving area in the southern hemisphere.

Fly here in the dry season (from April to October) from Darwin, Broome, or Perth on Qantas, rent a 4×4 at the airport, and check into the new Freshwater Apartments overlooking Lily Creek Lagoon. Then go play. One recommendation: a 68-mile cruise in a 700-horsepower speedboat on the Ord River for instant immersion in the area’s natural history and wildlife. Another: El Questro, a lodge sitting on one million acres of El Questro Wilderness Park, 60 miles west of Kununurra.

Article published on the Outback Magazine Website

Get Off the Beaten Track- Savannah Way Route

Driving and camping along Australia’s longest driving route, the Savannah Way, is an adventure that is within anyone’s reach. Checkout this link below on a great article on traveling Australia’s north from Broome to Cairns.

4WD Adventure – Great Top Road

The Savannah Way's newest National Park
The Savannah Way’s newest National Park

Australia’s Timeless Lands-Along the Savannah Way


The Lost CityBorroloola Lost City,Cape Crawford, Northern Territory: Limmen National Park is one of the Northern Territory’s best-kept secrets. Tucked away in a seldom-visited corner of the Gulf of Carpentaria west of Borroloola, it’s a must-do stop on the trans-continental Savannah Way that crosses the top half of Australia between Cairns and Broome. Butterfly Springs is a beautiful swimming hole surrounded by paperbarks and exquisite fern-leafed grevillea ablaze with dainty orange flowers that attract hundreds of birds to the oasis during the dry season. It’s also home to thousands of Common Crow butterflies that cover the sandstone wall to the right of the pool and arise en masse when you approach. The beautiful springs are reason enough to visit this remote park but most people come to see the bizarre towering red-rock pillars at the Southern Lost City. At 1.4 billion years in the making, these rocks are some of the oldest in the world. It’s a remote and rugged place and, so far, few seem to know it’s there so you won’t have to share.Where to stay: BYO tent or swag and camp at Butterfly Springs Borroloola Fishing Club Campground or stay at the award winning Savannah Way Motel.

For more information checkout the Savannah Way Website


The Undara Experience,Gulf Savannah, Queensland: Set in the Gulf Savannah country, Undara is as ancient and alluring as the continent itself, The UndaraUndara Experience Lava Tubes stand as silent sentinels to our pre-history. Here you can walk in the path of a volcano and sleep cocooned in an antique railway carriage as your dreams connect you with the essence of this timeless land. It’s a place where you can explore natural geological wonders, enjoy the comforts and hospitality of a unique outback setting and where the local wildlife are as abundant as they are at home in their surroundings. Located on the eastern edge of the ruggedly beautiful Gulf Savannah region of northern Australia, the multi-award winning Undara Experience captures the essence of the real Australian Outback.

Where to stay: Neither hotel nor resort, Undara Experience is a wilderness experience totally in contrast to today’s modern accommodation. There is a range of accommodation types from luxuriously restored railway carriages (some with ensuite bathrooms), nestled in the Queensland bush to Camping: a range of camping alternatives and sites including above ground tents.

For more information checkout the Savannah Way Website


The origin of the rocks that make up the landscape of the Kimberley is very complex. Volcanic activity with outpourings of lava has formed basalt, while intrusions of magma (molten rock) beneath the land’s surface have formed granites and dolerites – now exposed in places by erosion.

El Questro Wilderness Park is part of the Kimberley Plateau, which consists of a vast area of comparatively flat high country, interrupted by sandstone escarpments that may stretch for tens of kilometres. Some of the most spectacular form the Cockburn Ranges along the Gibb River road.Purnululu National Park, Kimberley, WA

Where to Stay: El Questro Wilderness Park is one of the world’s most unique holiday destinations – a property over 1 million acres in size in the heart of Australia’s Kimberley region, offering a true Australian outback experience. El Questro Wilderness Park offers three types of accommodation, each different in style and catering to a range of budgets: exclusive and five-star luxury at the Homestead, Tented Cabins nestled into the natural bushland at Emma Gorge Resort at El Questro, and Bungalows or Riverside Camping at the El Questro Station.

For more information checkout the Savannah Way Website

Top 10 Australian Outback Experiences – Australian Geographic

Top 10 Australian outback experiences – Australian Geographic.

Purnululu National Park, Kimberley, WA


From bush camping to safari-style tents, caravan parks to ‘glamping’; whether you’re an experienced camper or a novice, Australia’s Adventure Drive; Savannah Way has a huge network of well serviced caravan and camping grounds that offer amenities such as air conditioned cabins, swimming pools and first rate dining facilities. There is also a great selection of more remote basic camp sites at secluded spots near rivers and billabongs for those who want to be totally self-contained and enjoy the pleasures of a pristine setting away from crowds.

Planning your adventure drive?


Spend the night under a million stars in the vast and remote Australian outback. From vivid red deserts, tropical savannah and lush wetlands to rugged peaks and untouched coastline, the size and scale of the Northern Territory has to be seen to be believed. Leave behind the creature comforts of home and see all that nature has to offer up close.

The Outdoors-Northern Territory

There are managed campgrounds at World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, Merl, Muirella Park, Mardugal, Garnamarr and Gunlom. There are also bush campgrounds, free bush camping areas and commercial campgrounds scattered throughout the park. There is no booking system for campsites within Kakadu – it’s on a first come, first served basis.

Cobourg Peninsula at the north-west tip of Arnhem Land is a great place to set up camp and guarantees that you will be well away from the crowds; while the Mary River National Park offers camping in luxurious safari-style tents. In the Katherine region, there are a number of campgrounds with great swimming, fishing and trekking. Nitmiluk National Park also offers excellent facilities for campers and is close to Katherine Gorge for canoeing and swimming.


For true outback adventure, there’s nothing like the Gibb River Road experience. It travels through the heart of the Kimberley and there are a range of camping options along the 660 kilometre route including station stays and Department of Environment and Conservation managed camp sites. Home Valley Station, at the foot of the majestic Cockburn Range, is a great base for those travelling the Gibb River Road. It offers the region’s most extensive camping facilities and more than three million acres of wilderness to explore. It’s also possible to camp within the World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park, home to the mysterious bee-hive shaped forms of the Bungle Bungle Range.


Whether you are towing a caravan, driving a motorhome or simply looking for a great camping spot, the camping and caravan parks throughout Queensland’s Outback offer a wide range of affordable, quality accommodation options.

You can pitch your tent on a grassy site, park your caravan under a shady tree, or enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying in a cabin – the choice is yours! Caravan parks are friendly places where you will meet like-minded holiday makers and have the freedom to do as much or as little as you like. All the things you need for a great holiday.

Use the following resources to discover the Gulf Savannah.

Savannah Way- Gulf Visitor Guide

Campervanning- Drive North Queensland

Tablelands Crane Week-Wildlife on the Savannah Way Drive Route

Tablelands Crane WeekCelebrating the amazing spectacle of the great grey birds-Malanda Falls Visitor Centre

24 – 30 September 2012

Every year, large flocks of stately grey birds gather on the Atherton Tablelands for the winter. Cranes are the subject of myth and legend around the world, they are immortalised in art and photography and are woven into the fabric of ancient cultures.  They leap and dance, they bugle and call, and they enrich our lives.   It’s crane season on the Tablelands!

If you live on the Tablelands, it’s not hard to spot the cranes, feeding in farmers’ paddocks during the day, and flying in v formation every evening across the winter sunset to their favourite roosting sites.

Crane Week is a celebration of these ancient mythical birds. Join us for Tablelands Crane Week: watch, learn and photograph,  spread an appreciation of cranes,  and you will help to ensure a safe future for them in the beautiful region of Australia we call home.

Download PDF Media Release for more info: MEDIA RELEASE-Crane Week Malanda Falls

“There’s Nothing Like Australia’s Adventure Drive”

The Savannah Way– Australia’s Adventure Drive

Whether you’re an Aussie travelling across our impressively diverse backyard or a visitor from a foreign land there is nothing more characteristic of an Australian Outback Adventure as the Savannah Way Drive route that crosses the North of Australia from East to West!

Every Australian should experience this journey to truly connect with our heritage, gaining a patriotic and proud perspective of the Outback. So to every international visitor should undertake this trip of a lifetime to truly appreciate our extraordinary country; its colourful characters and people and astounding contrasting landscapes.

Discover why “There’s Nothing Like Australia” and truly “Nothing like Australia’s Adventure Drive

Here’s a clip on the popular Darwin to Borroloola stretch of the Savannah Way, Australia’s Adventure Drive!


Savannah Way- Australia’s Adventure Drive- Bloggers Wanted

Have you travelled the Savannah Way? If you’ve any comments or questions we’d love to hear from you!

There are 100’s of great Blogs online on travelling Australia’s Adventure Drive, the Savannah Way. Blogs are great resources for tourists to checkout all the great things to see and do along the Savannah Way. If you have a great blog we would love for you to share it with us.

Here are a couple we find really resourceful!



Travelling Australia’s Adventure Drive -The Savannah Way….Calling all bloggers!

Have you travelled the Savannah Way?  If you’ve any comments or questions we’d love to hear from you!

Savannah Way- Australia’s Adventure Drive

If you have blogged your experience along the Savannah Way or have a story to tell about your adventure across Northern Australia we would love to hear from you. Blogs and user-posted stories are a great resource when planning a trip. Below are two blogs we thought were fantastic!


Australia's Adventure Drive

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