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Exploring one of Australia’s Final Frontiers now more accessible

Lorella Springs Wilderness Park is one Million Acres of Coast on the Gulf of Carpentaria on the Savannah Way, Northern Territory. The owners of 28 years, the Walkers, have now forged a track to probably the most remote piece of coastline in Australia.
The track to the river mouth is quite accessible for 4x4s with camper trailers and boat trailers, with plans to improve access for adventurous caravans as well. To find out more about the improved access and news at Lorella click here to their online newsletter.

Mouth at Lorella
Lorella Springs Wilderness Park boasts some of the best 4WD driving in Australia, (whether you are newby, “Mum and Dad” 4 Wheel Driver – or a vastly experienced “I like a 4WD driving challenge” expert ).
Other activities include fantastic fishing, exploring natural springs, caves, waterfalls, bird filled lakes, miles of untouched coastline, wildlife, bushwalking and swimming to name a few.
With over 50% of the visitors to Lorella being repeat guests you just know that a visit to the park is one that you want to keep coming back for!
4WD Adventurers: There are hundreds of kilometres of tracks of all grades to satisfy everyone. Some that were originally extreme are now quite easy for beginners.
Keen Fishermen: Whether from a boat or off the banks there are plenty of fish bitting; some of the best fishing in Australia.
Birdwatchers: The property has 134 species on their list and growing every year. Because they are so remote and untouched, perhaps you may even find a new undiscovered species.
Families: Plenty of low cost adventures to amuse the whole family. Whether you are 8 months or 80 years … there is lots of fun and adventure for everyone.
Photographers: Some of the best and most interesting scenery and wildlife in Australia.

Check out their latest video! It’s only a few minutes long so grab yourself a cuppa, sit down, relax and enjoy the clip “Welcome to Lorella”