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Tablelands Crane Week-Wildlife on the Savannah Way Drive Route

Tablelands Crane WeekCelebrating the amazing spectacle of the great grey birds-Malanda Falls Visitor Centre

24 – 30 September 2012

Every year, large flocks of stately grey birds gather on the Atherton Tablelands for the winter. Cranes are the subject of myth and legend around the world, they are immortalised in art and photography and are woven into the fabric of ancient cultures.  They leap and dance, they bugle and call, and they enrich our lives.   It’s crane season on the Tablelands!

If you live on the Tablelands, it’s not hard to spot the cranes, feeding in farmers’ paddocks during the day, and flying in v formation every evening across the winter sunset to their favourite roosting sites.

Crane Week is a celebration of these ancient mythical birds. Join us for Tablelands Crane Week: watch, learn and photograph,  spread an appreciation of cranes,  and you will help to ensure a safe future for them in the beautiful region of Australia we call home.

Download PDF Media Release for more info: MEDIA RELEASE-Crane Week Malanda Falls